Gary Wilkes Training Services

Gary Wilkes created clicker training for dogs between 1986 and 1992 when he and Karen Pryor introduced it to the world. During that time he clicker trained more than 1,000 dogs offering behavioral solutions in the world of veterinary referral, worked with competition dogs and put the process to the test. 10,000 dogs later,  he has used his methods in consultations with groups like the Seeing Eye, US Army Special Operations Command Delta Force, Paws With a Cause and many other organizations that demand the two critical criteria for a working dog - do it right and do it right now.

Regardless of your specific interest, Gary Wilkes can refine and advance your skills to a level well above the mainstream of trainer instructors. He is responsible for significant advances in the world of dog training and getting it from the source is always and advantage. Whether you are working on agility, obedience, search and rescue, tracking, hunting or anything other than personal protection, you will achieve levels of skill well beyond your current working level.