I have spent three decades developing effective, simple solutions to the most aggravating behavior problems. Instead of having to go through weeks of tedious and complex training to eliminate behaviors, you can stop them immediately.

Dawna Provancial Gary, that's what I've come to really like about your solutions is how fast and effective they are. They are also easy enough for anyone to do. My teenage daughter after watching your videos on solving the front door issue, decided it should work for her room door as well and took it upon herself to teach our crew to stay out of her bedroom while I was at work. I came home to all the dogs laying in the hallway outside of it while she was carrying armloads of folded clothes into her room without having to open and close her room door to keep the dogs from getting in there. Please keep making videos of solutions that actually work without taking weeks to see improvement.

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Connie Degerness We visited my daughter and their Golden Retiever came bounding to the gate. She tried to grab him and said "this is a big problem with his jumping" - I said "just a minute - went to the car - got our bonker - came to the gate - opened it said "NO" bonked the jumper and the rest of the time there he never jumped on anyone. She was amazed - and went to get a towel and rubber bands.

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Candace Hamm:
Hi! You don't know me, but I just wanted to quickly say thank you very much for a correction system that is so easy to use and dog/people friendly. I just got back from my sister in law's, where they got their first puppy a few months ago and the pup being a normal pup has been reinforced for jumping on the kids and tugging on their jacket sleeves.... she asked for help so today I went over there and showed them what proper supervision is of kids and dogs, what to do to minimize it, and did a session with the dog and showed her how to use a bonker. 15 minutes and the pup was happily running around but now thinking twice about jumping or tugging sleeves. And, an hour later, my sister in law knows how to use it properly and fairly, and isn't getting frustrated or freaked out. Combine that with some basic marker training and they will be golden. It's a super nice pup. So, thanks for creating something so user friendly that the average first time dog owner can do and that is safe for dog and person, while not forcing them to micromanage everything about the dog. Cheers!