Gary Wilkes has more than 25 years experience providing behavior services by veterinary referral.  His work in this field has been utilized by groups interested in advanced training and behavior issues, such as MIT, the Phoenix Zoo, The Seeing Eye and the Etoligisk Institut, Denmark. Though adept at applying his methods to many different training tasks, Wilkes' primary focus is cooperating with veterinarians to solve their clients’ animal behavior problems. His award-winning newspaper and magazine columns have spanned almost 30 years and have helped countless pet owners better understand their pets. He is a former associate professor of animal behavior at Arizona State University Morrison School of Agri-Business and speaks at behavioral science and veterinary conferences.

Wilkes has been a consultant to the Seeing Eye, Canadian Association of Police Dog Handlers and US Army Delta Force dog training headquarters at Ft. Bragg. He has also worked closely with a veterinary neurological clinic with animals that have organic and traumatic brain injuries.