My seminars are designed to up your game and make you a better trainer - what ever kind of trainer you may happen to be. I have been blessed with a long and varied career working a broad spectrum of training and behavior tasks, from 8 years working in shelters, working with dogs that have neurological disorders, training guide and service dog trainers, military war dogs, search and rescue 25 years experience working with behavior problems by veterinary  referral. My seminars bring all that knowledge to the table to offer effective methods and solutions that cover every area of dog work.

Below is a list of upcoming seminars


Two-Day Broad-Band Gary Wilkes Seminar

Burlington, VT

August 5/6 2017


Two-Day Gary Wilkes Seminar

Fresno, California

September 29/30 2017


Two-Day Broad-Band Gary Wilkes Seminar

Phoenix, AZ

Jan. 28/19, 2017


Groom Expo West,

Pasadena, California

February 16-19, 2017


Two-day seminar for setters and pointers - focus on gun-dogs.

Aiken, SC

May 6/7, 2017


Two-Day Broad-Band Seminar

Elkhart, IN

April 22/23


Two-Day Broad-Band Seminar

Providence, RI

June 3/4, 2017


Two-Day Seminar focused on Obedience, Rally, Conformation and Problem Solving.

Grand Junction, CO 

June, 24,25 2017


Note: The Elkhart, IN and Providence, RI seminars are being hosted by Jeff Gellman. All details are being handled by Jeff. This link will take you to his web page for the seminars.