OCD, Chloe and a crack in the fence at a baseball game:

ChloejumpNote: This is an article from my column printed in Groomer to Groomer. It assumes the reader is a groomer.

So, you have a client with a dog that paces and licks the floor 30-40 minutes every hour. What do you say? “Get thee to a vet.” My question is simple – why would you say that? In modern parlance, this dog, let’s call her Chloe, is displaying a condition known as obsessive compulsive disorder – OCD. You can see her here: http://youtu.be/BevB7CadN7M

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My Biggest Fear and Safety, Safety, Safety.

A few years after I got married, my mother showed my mother-in-law, Opal, my baby book. Soon, Opal came running up to me and asked, “I bet you don’t know what your biggest fear was when you were three?” I instantly replied, “dogs.” She stood shocked for a second. “You remember that?” she asked. I think my answer surprised her. “Do you think I’d be likely to forget it?”

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Really, really rescuing dogs: Splasher’s extraordinary adventure

For 15 years I had a rescue dog. Most likely, you do not. You probably have a surplus dog. Surplus dogs are in shelters and most often incorrectly-identified “rescue” organizations. They exist because there are not enough homes to go around. Rescue dogs are at risk of tangible and immediate injury and death unless someone…here’s the appropriate word…rescues them. That’s how I met Splasher.

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