Clicker Training You can Count On

At a seminar I gave in Wichita, Kansas, one of the attendees was Dr. Ogden Lindsley – brilliant pioneer behaviorist, inventor of “Precision Teaching” and donkey trainer extraordinaire. Og’s influence on clicker training and operant conditioning and training has been significant though not always recognized. When you hear clicker trainers talk about “fluency”, they are unknowingly using Og’s terminology and frame of reference. Og is one of the few behavior analysts who is an expert at actually teaching real animals in real surroundings to perform dependable and intricate behaviors. His jack donkey, Silver Butte Jack, played basketball, carried a full size miner’s pick in his mouth on cue and fetched the mail from the roadside mailbox – about 200 yards from the house. Other than a little drool and slobber, the mail arrived in better shape that some scent articles I’ve seen. Continue reading