Animal Clairvoyance:

Many people would love to have Dr. Doolittle’s amazing ability. It is an appealing idea to believe that we can talk directly to animals. It is impossible to gaze into the loving eyes of a dog and not recognize intelligence. The cold, almost condescending stare of a cat speaks volumes to the willing listener. Over the last few years, a new career has emerged that aims to satisfy our wish to talk to our pets – animal communicator.

At humane conferences and trainers conventions, it is now common to have featured speakers who specialize in telepathic connection with pets. These practitioners offer advice on the pet’s emotional state and some even make suggestions about an animal’s health. When discussing their “mind reading”, animal communicators usually speak of “seeing” with the animal’s eyes. While this may seem marvelous on the surface, it is even more startling than it seems.

While recounting their psychic visions, animal communicators rarely comment on what must be the most remarkable aspect of their talent. They forget to mention that animal eyes are different from ours. If you have ever noticed the bright reflection of a cat or dog’s eyes in a photograph you have seen the effect of one such difference. Dogs and cats have reflectors inside the eye that magnify light. That’s what allows dogs to see well at dusk and cats to see in almost complete darkness. I guess the psychics take this “super-vision” for granted.

Of course, while the rest of us humans are as blind as bats, an animal communicator need only put a cat under each arm (one facing forward, the other facing the rear) and be able to navigate perfectly in almost complete darkness – funny, you don’t hear much about that. I guess the pet psychics don’t want to “rub it in” that we “lesser mortals” can’t do these things. Speaking of bats, imagine being able to have your own personal radar scope perched on your shoulder. It must be wonderful for pet communicators to freely use a bat’s sonic abilities to find their way in complete darkness. I’d love to see a demonstration.

While a pet’s exceptional visual abilities are pretty easy to understand, their capacity to discriminate smells is truly beyond our comprehension. Trained bomb detection dogs can spot quantities of explosives which the finest machines cannot detect. You can imagine how useful it is to take your dog for a walk and be able to “sense” all the animal “scents” It must be wonderful for a pet psychic to be able to “read the scents” posted on a fire hydrant, or relish the smell of rotting garbage – just like our dogs can.

Besides the mundane aspects of animal communication, there must be many practical applications for such a wonderful ability. For instance, I am sure that an animal communicator must be able to read a “search and rescue” dog’s mind far better than any normal handler. I bet it feels good to be able to direct the efforts of rescue workers based on a psychic vision. Imagine how secure a victim would feel knowing that his life rests, not on a highly trained dog, but on a marvelously gifted psychic, capable of reading the dog’s mind. It’s probably just sensitivity to the feelings of normal search dog handlers that prevented pet psychics from helping out in Oklahoma City and 100 other disasters where accurately reading a dog’s mind could save lives.

While few of us are forced to trust our lives in such a manner, some people do trust their pets’ lives to animal communicators. Why bother with a veterinarian, if you can just ask the animal whether his tumor is benign or cancerous. Just think of the money you could save by having a psychic do a mental “blood workup” rather than bothering your vet with all those laboratory tests. Think of the animals lives that could be saved at animal emergency rooms if they just had a pet psychic on duty.

It is normal to occasionally experience the childlike desire to merely wish and make something so. Psychic communication is such an alluring possibility that many people forget their mature wisdom and indulge their fantasies. As long as the line between harmless fantasy and serious reality is clear, this indulgence is pretty harmless. If you want to hear about your dog’s past lives, call a psychic. If you want to find out why your dog isn’t feeling well, call your vet.

For those of you who are still unsure about consulting an animal comunnicator, here’s how to start. Put a flashlight in your pocket, place your cat or dog under the psychic’s arm and turn off the lights. That way, you can quickly “see” which one of you is really in the dark.

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  1. My two and a half pound 4 year old Yorkie named Zoe went missing, she got out somehow at 930 at night on 322that’s actually March 22nd of this year. I went to look for her the next morning to take her and her mommy out she was nowhere to be found. I have been devastated ever since I cry everyday over her. there’s been sightings of her with someone, I was told she was sold to someone else, and then I got a call yesterday morning saying that she was seeing in Oregon City that’s 30 miles away from me and that she was running around scared out near some farms nobody can catch her she was skittish. I do not know what to believe I do not know whether she is dead or alive. all I know is that I have to have my baby back her and her mommy are my life they are my companion animals and I’m not doing well without her. please can you help me

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