Prep for Gary Wilkes’ Broad Band Training Seminars

I tend to draw from many different training perspectives. That means that if I can give you a heads-up about a few simple things that will allow you and your dog to benefit it makes sense for you to invest a little time before you get there.

A: Creating your first tool.

1) Get a clicker. They are available on-line from PetSmart for $1.50. It’s a PetSmart logo clicker with a wrist coil. Or, you can get a set of three of my Mega-Clicks from my store. You’ll need to hurry – or you can wait for a good one that I will give to you when you get there. So, first thing – get a clicker. Even if you never use one after the seminar, bear with me and play along.

2) Click the clicker. Say your full name inside your head. THEN move to give the treat. If it’s a green dog, put the clicker behind your back, in a pocket, or click from a distance. Those things are loud if they are close to your ear. Repeat. Click, pause, THEN move to give the treat. I prefer to initially drop it on the ground. That will give youcatodelace3 a perfect way to see when your dog first makes the connection – it will hear the clicker and then look down. Don’t worry that your dog is going to be grazing grass in the future. I’ll show you how to stop that.

3) Repeat until the click causes your dog to instantly startle. Now you know it’s working.

4) Take some simple pre-learned behaviors and replace “good girl/boy” with the click. Other than the command, don’t say anything until after you click. EG: Say ‘sit’. The dog sits. Click. Wait. Toss the treat. Repeat. After the click you can say anything you want. Another reminder. Do not move for the treat until after your click-pause. If you do, the dog will start keying off our movement. That makes the clicker ineffective as the dog will simply watch you – and that’s not what we need to start.

Second Tool – Targeting
1) Put some peanut butter on your finger.
2) As the dog’s nose gets close to it, click, THEN let the dog lick it off. Repeat this two or three times.
3) With your licked-clean finger, extend it so that it is about six inches away from the dog’s nose. If the dog shows interest, click, pause and offer a treat. Now put your finger behind your back. Repeat this sequence.
a) Produce the finger. b) Click if the dog investigates it. c) Offer a treat.
4) Do some more but produce your finger a little farther away, sometimes to the left and sometimes to the right. Then go high/low.
Third Tool – Name an object
Now pick an object – any object. Say the name of the object, (Chew-toy, ball, bone, toy) and pause before you bring your finger out. Now touch the object so the dog will touch it inadvertently as you touch it. Do this about ten times. On repetition 11, say the name of the object but do not produce your finger. Wait at least 30 seconds for a ‘touch’. If there is no move toward the object you have two choices. Either say “wrong” in a neutral tone of voice and inject another 30 seconds wait, or go ahead and touch the object, click, then treat. Over a series of repetitions, withholding your finger will cause the dog to touch the object without your help.

Fourth Tool: Combine two skills – Go-Out to a Named Object.
6) Once you have a word connected to the object, start backing away from it after it is touched. alleyweb
A) Say “ball” – dog touches the ball.
B) Take a step backward.
C) Click and then deliver the treat at your location. The dog will have to take an additional step to get to you.
D) Repeat this process. As the dog is about to touch the object, take a step back.
E) Stretch the ‘go-out’ as far as you like. If the behavior fades, get closer and make it stronger.

That’s it. If you want to be adventurous, go to my YouTube channel and see some of the applications for targeting. This ought to keep you occupied. If you need help, you can email me at or go to my facebook page and send me a PM.
See ya there!


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  1. It was a pleasure to speak with you. I look forward to learning from you. I promise to try not say “YES SIR” LOL.

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