2-Day “Broad Band” Seminar with Gary Wilkes – Phoenix, AZ April 14/15 2018


Using a target stick to teach S&R style “agility’.

seminarlocation1Contact for details, price and registration: Michele Wilkes scooterzmomi@aol.com
Lodging: See bottom of page

Phone: 480-649-9804

This seminar will go beyond an introduction to real clicker training – the first practical and humane application of operant conditioning for dogs, from its creator.  You will gain first-hand knowledge of how to shape and control behaviors with precision and maintain great performance. You will also learn how to stop behaviors on a dime. No, this isn’t that namby-pamby “all-treats” stuff. You will learn to use the full spectrum of behavioral tools at your disposal. The facility is guide dog school with a lovely open grassy area and covered areas in case it rains. We will have plenty of room to move around and shelter from the storm. Continue reading