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As you read these articles it is likely that you will conclude that the points are so simple that everyone must know these things. Trust me, they don’t. Most people grow in complexity as they become more expert in their craft. They rarely return to simple topics to make sure they got it right in the first place. As they add new knowledge they are not prone to integrating what they just learned with what they already know. They metaphorically slap new coats of paint on a rusty car. As most trainers and behaviorists have built their expertise by reading books, seeing videos and going to seminars many are left with highly complex ideology that is filled with rust spots. The real test of any knowledge or ideology is whether it works or not. If you cannot replicate the results proposed by an expert then it’s simply high-sounding fluff and a waste of your time. These articles hopefully will add some questions to your bag of tricks and a way of examining existing knowledge that will help you move farther f they didn’t get the fundamental principles right they will forever have complexity in place of functional knowledge. That is the norm in dog training and behavioral science. So, here’s my offering after more than 25 years of simplifying overly complicated but highly popular knowledge. Trust me again - it all works. - Gary Wilkes .

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