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Clicker Training in the Greater Phoenix Area By Gary Wilkes

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Author’s Note: If you are serious about learning clicker training, this is a good place to start. Treat the articles the way you would a “how-to” book and .....gasp.... actually do the projects. The quickest way to fail at this very easy-to-learn method is to .....another gasp.... spend your time thinking and not bothering to actually do anything. There is nothing in here that can’t be duplicated with a little bit of time and commitment. I had already clicker trained several thousand dogs before I ever began writing instructions. If your dog doesn’t adapt instantly, get someone else’s dog and plunge ahead. When your skills develop, you can come back and teach your dog in a setting where there is only one true beginner -- your dog. ...Gary Wilkes

Article #1 - Introduction to Clicker Training, What it isn't

 Article #2 - Information vs. Motivation: The essence of the clicker

 Article #3 - Targeting - Your second most important tool. 

 Article #4 - From "A" to "B" - Clicker-style "go-outs"

 Article #5 - Targeting Continued: A practical Application

 Article #6 - Commands Vs. Cues and Signals


 Article #7 - Variable Reinforcement Pt. 1

 Article #8 - R.E.A.L. Variable Reinforcement

Article #9 - A Logical Order of Training Pt.1 

Article #10 - Logical Order of Training Pt. 2

Article #11 - Clicker Training and Aversive Control

Article #12 Down/Stay - The Whole Shebang Pt. 1

Article #13 - Down/Stay Part ll

Article #14 - More About Commands and signals

Article #15 - Non-Linear Learning: Teaching a good "Finish."

Article#16 - Gaining Expertise the Old Fashioned Way

Article #17 - Clicker Training You Can Count On.

 Article #18 - How to do anything.  

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